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Cannabis is a plant that is used for medical and recreational purposes. Cannabis can be either smoked or vaporized. It can also be used within food or as an extract. Cannabis has various mental and physical effects which include euphoria, an altered state of mind, relaxation, and an increase in appetite. The onset of effects is typically felt within a couple minutes when smoked and about 30 to 60 minutes when ingested. The effects can last anywhere from two to six hours depending on the amount inhaled or ingested.

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Always love coming here! This is my regular place to go ever since I started getting into cbd. The products are great, the flower is amazing and they have an abundance of it, and the tools are quality and worth every penny! Also Chris is the best man to talk to here, good guy and fun to talk to!

Dakota Pullen (warmachine)

Excellent Service, Very Knowledgeable.

Ethan Davis

As a person who lived in constant pain daily I was willing to try anything, but from the moment I walked in to the store, I knew I was in the right place! Mr. Andy was so educational he picked the exact thing I needed to ease my knee pain almost completely. I swear by CBD, but this store for sure is the best place to go for any of your questions and Hemp needs! They will explain to you every product that will help you, and not just leave you hanging to get overwhelmed with their choices. Definitely a must go, I’d give 10 stars if I could.

Mariah Lawson